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At Parrot Stars, we work very hard to find loving FOREVER homes for parrots that have been surrendered to us. Our goal is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome. We take the adoption process very seriously.

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Application Requirements:

  • All applicants must live within driving distance of our store in Arlington Heights, IL. We will NOT ship any rescues.
  • Serious inquiries only. Do not call to inquire about adopting a parrot unless you have completed the adoption application. All callers will be asked to complete the application before any additional information is provided about the parrots.
  • Parrot visitation for potential adoption is by appointment only.
  • Applicants must provide a video of their home, living space and other pets prior to visiting the parrot.
  • All applicants must show proof of a cage that will have appropriate perching and toys prior to the parrot going home. A cage, perching, and toys can be purchased at the time of pick up as well.

There are many reasons why a parrot may be surrendered to us or be available for adoption. At the end of the day, we should all be grateful that the person decided to surrender the parrot to a reputable facility for adoption rather than selling it, auctioning it, or letting it go outside. Retired breeders who have lost their mate also need companionship and a forever flock/home. No hate or judgment allowed! Our parrot loving community is here to support ALL companion parrots, young and old!

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Budgie Parakeets - Various Colors & Sexes Budgie Parakeets - Various Colors & Sexes
For more information, complete an adoption application
Benns - Turquoise Parrotlet - Male Benns - Turquoise Parrotlet - Male
For more information, complete an adoption application
Minnie - Yellow Parrotlet -Female Minnie - Yellow Parrotlet -Female
For more information, complete an adoption application