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#1003 ARIA NATURE'S ENRICHMENT - Medium Blend, 1lb

#1003 ARIA NATURE'S ENRICHMENT - Medium Blend, 1lb

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Our Very Own Seed Blend!
A High Variety Seed Blend Ideal for: Cockatiels, Conures, Quakers, Parrotlets, Caiques Lovebirds, and other similar sized species

We make a seed blend here in store including Nature's Enrichment Small Blend and Nature’s Enrichment Large Blend. The blends contain about 50 ingredients, all human-grade and extremely fresh. We work with a farmer who creates the seed base for us. We worked very hard to create a ton of seed variety within the mix to encourage birds to eat more than just the standard sunflower/safflower/millet mix. Our blend also contains dried veggies, dried fruits, dried flowers and herbs, chopped tree nuts, coconut, bee pollen, egg food and much more.