275 displaced parrots need your help, friend.

Our community of parrot lovers is incredibly strong and caring, and we need your help.

Hurricane Ian has completely destroyed the Malama Manu bird sanctuary (owned by our dear friends, Will and Laura), located on Pine Island, FL. The owners risked their lives during the hurricane to successfully shield every single one of their birds from the devastating storm. However, their home, their sanctuary and all bird cages have been completely destroyed. Now we're raising money to help rebuild their sanctuary.

Over the last week, our team has been hard at work on the ground, tracking down good sumeritans with boats who were willing to help safely transport the 275 birds (plus two lemurs) off of the island. We are currently housing all of the birds at our breeding program facility on the mainland, on the other side of Florida.
We are in desperate need of funds to help rebuild the sanctuary and cover the costs of temporary housing and food for these birds. Rebuilding the sanctuary is likely to take over a year, and our facility is not fully equipped to handle this number of birds at the moment.

Please consider donating to our GoFundMe. Any amount of money makes a huge difference!

Help Rebuild The Sanctuary
Posted On October 6, 2022