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Parrot Stars offers a safe, clean and professional boarding service for companion parrots. Our boarding room is attended to by our highly trained Parrot Stars’ staff. The general public does not have access to the boarding room to ensure the safety of the birds.

Daily Routine:

  • All water dishes are washed, disinfected and replenished daily.
  • Dry food is offered at the instruction of the customer, we are happy to follow any feeding guidelines that are provided.
  • We always ensure that the dry food is offered on time and accurately.
  • Fresh Food (chopped vegetables and fruit mixed with a soak and sprout blend) is offered daily at the approval of the customer. The customer is welcome to provide their own fresh food as well. All fresh food is refrigerated. Fresh dishes are washed and disinfected, and removed mid-day to prevent spoilage.
  • All Cages are cleaned daily.

ALL birds must test negative for the following diseases in order to be boarded at Parrot Stars:
  • Chlamydia psitacia
  • Avian Polyoma Virus
  • Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease
  • Avian Borna Virus

Disease Testing can be done by most certified Avian Vets. Parrot Stars’ offers Disease Testing. We collect a small sample of blood from a minor toenail clip. We also collect a sample of feces on a cotton swab. We need at least two weeks to receive the results. Testing for all four diseases is $100. Testing results are valid for the entire year, unless any additional, untested birds, have been added to the household after the tests.

ALL birds must be brought in an enclosed pet carrier. The carrier must be clearly labeled with both the Customer’s Last Name & the Name of the Bird

The customer must provide all toys, Parrot Stars ONLY provides the cage & perching. Toys can be brought with the bird in a bag clearly labeled with the customer's last name and the name of the bird. The customer is also welcome to purchase toys at Parrot Stars at the time of drop off. We require that each bird MUST have a minimum of two toys at the time of drop off.

We recommend the customer provides both the dry diet & feeding instructions for each bird. We will happily feed our own, size appropriate dry food, only at the approval of the customer. Any food can be brought with the bird in a bag clearly labeled with the customer's last name and the name of the bird.

  • Discounts
  • Extended Stay Discount - 50%
  • First 14 nights are regular price, on 15th night the price drops to 50%.
  • Multi-bird Discount
  • First bird and large birds are full price. All additional birds are 50% off.
  • Book An Appointment (224) 735-7537